The world just ain't what it use to be. In the year 2016 the world was changed forever by an event known as The Holy Grail War. This war, normally fought in secret by mages, blew out of proportion and resulted in the island city of Fuyuki, Japan to be destroyed. In its aftermath came the revelation to the rest of mankind that Magic was indeed real. The Mages association and the Holy Church tried hard to cover up what had happened, but it was too large of an incident to stop the truth reaching the general public.

It's been 60 years since the conclusion of the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars, since then the world has gone through a magi-tech revolution. With magic being more commonplace and out in the open it has led to rapid advancements in a wide variety of areas. With the introduction of magically altered means of production, massive corporations have formed, hoarding and using these new found resources to control many areas of peoples lives. Society has both grown phenominally in this time, but also reverted back quite quickly. Magic was readily welcomed into the world, but quickly it became a status symbol. Those who could use Magic, and those who couldn't. Society once again dividing the population into 2 social classes, then dividing them again into the rich and the poor.

The signs of a Holy Grail War are starting to appear again. The Greater Grail in Fuyuki was dismantled after the last war, but rumors say that the remaining parts have gone missing. Something is amiss in Neo Tokyo, the Corporations that run the city have been especially busy of late. Many people who have magical talent have been rounded up uncharacteristically by the Police. Something is happening, and it's going to be big.